Monkey Mountains

String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam

This concert of the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam features striking works that are rarely performed. String orchestra, string quartet and clarinet coalesce to create a unique soundscape. 

The Second String Quartet by Pavel Haas is a programmatic suite, which he wrote after a trip to the Moravian Mountains, nicknamed the Monkey Mountains in Brno. Haas wrote: ‘This whole carefree work is driven by the impulse of movement – either the steady rhythm of the open landscape and the singing of birds, or the capricious rumbling of village carts, the warm thumping of the human heart, the cold play of moonlight, or the wild end of a tempestuous night’.

In Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s Kammerkonzert, which is inspired by Hungarian folk music, string orchestra, string quartet and clarinet fuse in a special sound experience. Béla Bartók goes on the gypsy tour with a virtuoso role for Candida Thompson on violin in his Rhapsodie. Thus Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Quatuor Danel and clarinettist Olivier Patey come together in a festival programme pur sang.

Changed programme
Due to current measures, some changes have been made to the original programme. The concert has been shortened to a programme of 75 minutes without an interval. The part of Cuarteto Casals in the programme has unfortunately been cancelled.


  • Haas String Quartet no. 2 (version for string orchestra)
  • Hartmann Kammerkonzert for clarinet, string quartet and strings
  • Bartók Rhapsody no. 1 for violin, clarinet en string orchestra


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Candida Thompson director & lead violin
  • Olivier Patey clarinet
  • Quatuor Danel


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