Tabula rasa

with Candida Thompson and Simone Lamsma

In 2020 we played the Pärt über Bach program with Candida Thompson and Simone Lamsma, in which works by Pärt and Bach were intertwined. Maarten Corbijn and Georgios Rietveld made a short black and white film in their characteristic style from Arvo Pärts Tabula rasa, in which Thompson and Lamsma both play solos. Rietveld and Corbijn previously made the short films Misirlou and Tango for Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

Watch the preview

Tabula rasa, Pärt’s 1977 breakthrough piece, is written in the style that has made him the most played living composer of the twenty-first century. Viola player Gidon Kremer, to whom the piece is dedicated, describes Tabula rasa as a statement of silence, a manifesto of concentration on important things. Kremer indicates that Tabula rasa has changed his life.

Tickets for the stream are free. A donation is appreciated.

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  • Pärt Tabula rasa


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Candida Thompson director & violin
  • Simone Lamsma violin

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