Spiegel im Spiegel Online

Amsterdam Sinfonietta & het Nederlands Kamerkoor

Spiegel im Spiegel features string orchestra and choir in a programme blurring the boundaries between a concert and a religious mass. It combines the spirituality of Arvo Pärt’s meditative Spiegel im Spiegel with the imposing Renaissance sounds of Tallis who also inspired Vaughan Williams.

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Works by the Estonian composers Veljo Tormis and his mentor Lepo Sumera display a totally different spiritual essence. Shamanistic primal cries resound in Tormis’s epic choir work Curse upon Iron, while Vasks’s Plainscapes evokes the vast expanses of the Baltic plains. The string players and singers perform in diverse combinations surrounding the audience: the entire concert hall is the stage. 

Tickets for the stream are free. A donation is appreciated.

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Trailer Spiegel im Spiegel Online

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