with Håkan Hardenberger and Johanna Wallroth

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With the unique combination of string orchestra, trumpet and soprano, Amsterdam Sinfonietta presents a multifaceted Christmas programme with Bernhard Krol’s Magnificat Variations at its heart.

The Swedish trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger and soprano Johanna Wallroth are the soloists in Händel’s Eternal Source of Light Divine, written in honour of Queen Anne’s birthday. The text expresses a spiritual sense of gratitude, which is mirrored in Beethoven’s Heiliger Dankgesang. However, Beethoven’s circumstances were very different: he wrote his fifteenth string quartet shortly after his recovery from a severe infection. Gratitude also resonates in Finzi’s ‘Salutation’from his five-movement Christmas Cantata, composed to a text by the English theologian and poet Thomas Traherne.


  • Telemann Trumpet Concerto in D
  • Beethoven Heiliger Dankgesang; from opus 132
  • Bach Cantate Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen; BWV 51
  • Krol Magnificat Variations
  • Finzi Salutation from Dies Natalis
  • Händel Eternal Source of Light Divine
  • Evans A Child is Born
  • Reger Mariae Wiegenlied
  • Traditional Swedish Christmas Songs


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Tomo Keller director & violin
  • Håkan Hardenberger trumpet
  • Johanna Wallroth soprano

Variations in the program:

At The Concertgebouw, we play a shorter program without intermission in The Sunday Morning Concert. The works of Kroll, Finzi, Evans and Reger will not be played in The Concertgebouw.


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tot en met

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