Lucie in the sky with diamonds

Amsterdam Sinfonietta and the award-winning recorder player Lucie Horsch take you on a hallucinatory time travelling trip through Italy, Hungary, England and Scotland.

The trip to Scotland is extra special. Veere and Scotland have had a very special relationship for more than 700 years. Veere was the official ‘depot’ for Scottish trade in the low lands. Composer Peter Maxwell Davies shows how he converts the Scottish melody Farewell to Stromness into his own world of sound. Furthermore, the Italian composer Nino Rota used folk-like melodies in his Concerto for Strings, the Hungarian composer Sandor Veress gave a refreshing twist to virtuoso Transylvanian dances and the baroque composer Telemann incorporated the “barbaric beauty” of Polish and Moravian music in his Trio Sonata. The spectacular Uhrovska collection from 1730 is a treasure of 350 Eastern European folk melodies.

This concert was made possible by:


  • Rota Prélude from Concerto per Archi
  • Berio Béla, Igor, Aldo, Leonardo; from 34 Duos
  • Vivaldi Largo from recorder concerto RV 443
  • Rota Scherzo from Concerto per Archi
  • Locke Curtain Tune
  • Matteis Ground after the Scotch Humour
  • Waley-Cohen Variation on Sellenger’s Round
  • Davies Farewell to Stromness (arr. Max Knigge)
  • Veress Two movements from Transylvanian dances
  • Bártok Folk songs from Csík
  • Telemann Trio sonata in D minor TWV 42:d10
  • Traditionals Selection from the Uhrovska collection


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Daniel Bard director and violin
  • Lucie Horsch recorder

Concert date

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