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Contemporary music and baroque concerts

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The living room is a familiar place radiating warmth; a place where people gather together, inspire each other, and recharge their energies. In his work Living Room Music, composer John Cage instructs the performers to use household objects and architectural elements as instruments.

Magazines, cardboard, books, the floor, a wooden window frame… The stage is transformed into a living room. At its centre, a cellist and a violist play Janusgesicht by the German composer Matthias Pintscher, with their backs to each other. The head of Janus has two faces, symbolising ambivalence and contradictions. Contemporary music alternates with superb Baroque concertos performed by the violist Nils Mönkemeyer.


  • Vivaldi L'Olimpiade – Overture
  • Cage Living Room Music
  • Pintscher Janusgesicht
  • Locatelli Concerto Grosso in C minor
  • Vivaldi Concert RV 495
  • Wolf Italian Serenade in G major
  • Vivaldi Concert RV 416
  • Geminiani 'La Folia'
  • Knox Traditionals


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Candida Thompson direction & violin
  • Nils Mönkemeyer viola

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