The Four Seasons Online

with Janine Jansen

In this online concert, star violinist Janine Jansen and Amsterdam Sinfonietta reunite on stage to kick off the season. The programme features Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for strings and Jansen as sparkling soloist in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Star violinist Janine Jansen and Amsterdam Sinfonietta enjoy a long-awaited reunion, performing one of the most popular classical works of all time: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Vivaldi gave the concertos the titles La primavera, L’estate, L’autunno and L’inverno. In the works he depicts babbling brooks, tempestuous storms, barking dogs and diverse song birds.

Tchaikovsky’s masterly Serenade is one of the most celebrated works for string orchestra, with a unique place in the Romantic repertoire. He imbued the exuberant work with Russian folklore, at the same time as immersing himself in Mozart. The music displays the light-footedness of Mozart’s serenades; however, its intensity, virtuosity and emotional depth exceed that of the typical serenade.

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“Janine Jansen and Amsterdam Sinfonietta’s perfomance of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ is a blistering venture of interpretation. You tumble from one amazement into another”

– NRC •••••


  • Tchaikovsky Serenade for strings
  • Vivaldi Four Seasons


  • Amsterdam Sinfonietta
  • Candida Thompson Direction & lead violin
  • Janine Jansen violin


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